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Armenian American Museum Announces Exhibition Design and Master Planning Firm

By June 12, 2019March 14th, 2021No Comments

Glendale, CA (June 12, 2019) – The Armenian American Museum has announced the selection of world-renowned Gallagher & Associates as the project’s exhibition design and master planning firm. G&A is an internationally recognized interdisciplinary design studio with offices in Washington, D.C., New York, Portland, and Singapore.

“We are honored to have been selected as the exhibition design and master planning firm for the Armenian American Museum,” stated Patrick Gallagher, President & Owner of Gallagher & Associates. “As storytellers, our goal is to create a truly unique, immersive, and impactful experience for every visitor to the Armenian American Museum.”

Gallagher & Associates brings over 20 years of experience in museum planning and design to the developing cultural and educational center. G&A has established its reputation in the museum industry for bringing transformative experiences to life. The firm integrates interactive design and media with the physical environment to produce immersive experiences that engage, entertain, and create measurable impact.

Gallagher & Associates designed the online experience for the Armenian Genocide Museum website, an online museum that puts the atrocities of the Armenian Genocide into the context of world history and connects visitors to current crimes against humanity to inspire people to speak out and take action. G&A’s notable projects include the National Center for Civil Rights and Human Rights, International Spy Museum, National Archives Museum, National Museum of American Jewish History, Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, Grammy Museum, and more. The firm is currently collaborating on the Los Angeles-based Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

“We are excited to be working with a firm that has the caliber and reputation of Gallagher & Associates in the museum industry,” stated Executive Chairman Berdj Karapetian. “The firm will be an invaluable partner in helping us achieve our ultimate vision for the Armenian American Museum.”

Gallagher & Associates will be leading the exhibition design of the museum’s permanent Armenian exhibition. The permanent exhibition will share the Armenian American experience including the history of Armenia, Armenian Genocide, and Armenians living in America through interactive, immersive, and impactful storytelling. The firm will be engaging a panel of leading scholars, artists, and experts throughout the exhibition design process. The museum will also feature traveling exhibitions on diverse cultures and subject matters that will engage broad audiences and serve as a bridge that connects our multicultural community.

In addition, Gallagher & Associates will be developing the museum’s master plan that outlines the primary visitor experiences within the overall parameters for the architecture. The master plan connects the experiences to the organization’s mission, collections, and educational goals with a focus on the visitor. G&A will serve as a member of the museum’s project design team, working closely with the architects, engineers, and consultants as they prepare detailed construction plans for submission to the City of Glendale.

The Armenian American Museum is currently in the pre-construction phase of the project with plans to begin construction in 2020.

The City of Glendale, home to one of the largest Armenian diaspora communities, has dedicated a premier location for the historic project in downtown Central Park.